Munich tour day 9

Last night I started reading a new book which is pretty good. Story wise anyways, some of the sexism/stereotypes are a little over the top.
Hung out and had a bit of relaxation. This morning had free breakfast at the hotel, had to tell them I still had one more night there because they were waiting for me to check out, missed the early tour so had to wait around for the next one. (Which I almost missed because public transit barely runs on Sundays)
The tour was pretty great,  learned a lot, got some good shots, met some more aussies and Americans ( trend developing) and had a kebab and used their wireless again. Just waiting for the bus back to the hotel. I don’t remember if I mentioned but by public transit it takes about an hour to get into Munich city centre. Bit of a pain but oh well. Tonight I have to repack and get ready for the hostel experience again, but the place I booked in Berlin comes recommended so that should be good. 
Weather says it’s 14 today – I’m calling bull. Absolute max of 8-9C. Apparently last week was warm here but it’s cold now. (And the walking tour was 3 hours outside) might have a bit more sun on the trip but probably all cold from here on in. Joys of traveling in the fall.


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